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Who we are

Kisawa means unbreakable, and this defines
our commitment: to build a bond between
people and place, life and land.

Our mission is to bring wilderness and wellbeing together, carefully and comfortably. Our hospitality is generous and personalised, with a core sense of care at its heart. In all that we do, we want to support and enable our guests to do as they wish, when they wish.

Where we are

Kisawa is a 300-hectare
of forest, beach
and sand dunes, located on
the southern tip of 
Benguerra Island

Benguerra Island is situated 14 kilometres off
Mozambique, on the Eastern coast of Africa. Part of the
Bazaruto Archipelago, the neighbouring National Marine Park is
home to some of the richest and least explored
subtropical ecosystems in the Indian Ocean.


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The Founder's Residence

African art & antiques with a panoramic view Discover more


Design has led the
Kisawa story

Kisawa is a happy pairing of innovation and tradition.
We believe in inclusive design and have worked with skilled
artisans from Benguerra Island as well as patented 3D
printing technology. Decisions have been careful
to protect the environment and we have ensured
a light footprint on the natural landscape where possible.
Our vision has been to blend rather than interrupt.

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