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Home to cultural celebration and environmental conservation on Benguerra Island, Mozambique.

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Who we are

We have created Kisawa with our hearts to be a sanctuary that brings nature, culture and service together.

Led by founder and creative director Nina Flohr, we have made strategic decisions informed by extensive research in creating a positive impact for the people of Mozambique and its natural surroundings.

Mathias Gerds

General Manager


Mathias Gerds leads the Kisawa Sanctuary team of 170 - strengthening our commitment to building a bond between people and place, life and land. Originally from Germany, Mathias’ portfolio spans Asia, Europe and the CIS and with it, a world-class collection of properties, spanning over 20 years of luxury experience.

Enia Joao Muabsa



Enia works as part of the Cove Mussassa team, serving fresh, homemade produce sourced where possible from within a 300 mile radius of Kisawa. Enia's smile is already well loved among the team and guests.

Amelia Andre Zivane



Working alongside team mate Tomas, Amelia has made a huge impact in our permaculture garden, helping teach the rest of the Kisawa family about thoughtful and sustainable gardening practices.

Luis Ernesto Maunze



Our guest's safety is our number one priority. Luis and our trained security team are here to make sure your wellbeing is paramount, 24/7.

Querino Huo

Guest Activity Manager


An instrumental part of the Kisawa team from day one. Querino has worked on every element of integrating our vision to Benguerra Island. Today, he is a senior member of Kisawa.

Tomas George Zivane



Here since the beginning, Tomas possesses the patience and dedication to ensure all the Kisawa Kitchen fruit and vegetables flourish pesticide free and in bountiful amounts. Leading his team of gardeners, he also takes care of each individual Residence, plus the staff permaculture garden.

Arao Izidro Xivale

Baracca Supervisor


Arao is in charge of the Baracca, our upbeat and vibrant restaurant, serving Mozambican dishes with South Indian flavours, specialising in Benguerra sunsets.

Beato, Aida and Gilda



The impeccable appearance of Kisawa is a team effort, and Beato, Aida and Gilda contribute to this committed group with energy and grace. Together they look after all 12 Residences, across the 300 hectare sanctuary.

Boaventura Zacarias



Boaventura, meaning great adventure, truly encompasses that. Following his true passion, Boaventura steps into the great adventure of serving guests the best beverages Mozambique has to offer.

Gabriel Mabote

Administration & HR Assistant


Assisting with all HR and Administration work, Gabriel plays a huge part in making sure all team members at Kisawa have a true passion to offer service 'from the heart'.

Raquel Martinez

Operations Manager


A true hospitality professional, Raquel brings a five star history of leading operations in hotels, banking and private companies from across Europe and the UAE. Her passion is communication, customer care, attention to detail and making sure each guest feels truly considered and comfortable.

Ismael José Zivane

Resident Artist


Ismael's work is painted directly on the walls of Kisawa, interspaced throughout the entire sanctuary. His vibrant colours (and often his guitar), animate our island home.

Alberto Saguate Gomacha

Senior Skipper


One of our most experienced skippers, Alberto ensures the well-being of guests at sea. Having navigated the waters since his childhood (and often at night), Alberto brings significant experience to our daily operations.


From the heart

Today the property is run by a passionate team of 180 staff, with 90% of the operational team from Africa and the remainder of the team combining different expertise from around the world. We are young, optimistic and united.


The Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies

Positioned at the opposite end of the island, the Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies (BCSS) is an innovative platform hosting the first permanent ocean observatory focused on multi-ecosystem time series research in Africa.

The non profit sister property to Kisawa uses its strategic location and data to support environmental management at a local level, facilitate regional collaboration and contribute to international scientific programs.

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