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Craft your ideal day. Pure relaxation, island adventure, or get involved with the people of Benguerra Island and their environment.

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The Kisawa Experience

Welcome to our Environment

The natural ecosystem is evident in every step of your stay. From sunrise to sunset, your personal beachfront, and the clarity of the stars. Enjoy wilderness from the deck of your Residence or venture further afield to explore all the Bazaruto archipelago has to offer.



BCSS x Kisawa

At Kisawa, the team at BCSS guide everything from weekly weather and tidal patterns, to the best locations to observe marine life, through to how the Kisawa team sustainably interact within the environment.

In turn, Kisawa guests are invited to actively partake in BCSS research, joining the scientists to gather data, explore the seabed, and go on scientific diving expeditions.

The purpose of our ‘Resort to Research’ approach: hospitality contributing directly to marine science and conservation.



Explore Vibrant Vilanculos

Join a guided tour of Vilanculos, embracing the craft culture of this lively coastal hub.

Hosted by the Kisawa team, explore the area for handicrafts, make a personal introduction to our tailor friend, Salomão at his Atelier, pay a visit to the Boa Gente gallery and celebrate all things Mozambican with a tour of the Mercado Municipal.

Sample fresh locally caught seafood, seasonal mangoes and nuts while admiring incredible capulana cloths in every print imaginable.


Humpback migration

The Magic of Whale Season

Get Involved

At your leisure

Our programme of guest experiences ranges from adventure, water sports, conservation and community building through to culinary focused activities like bespoke dune glamping, moonlight BBQ’s and beach side picnics. Activities change monthly to reflect the season and visiting wildlife.



Marine Expeditions

Visit Flamingo Beach to watch these special pink creatures feed and flock on the flats.

Kayak through an incredible mangrove ecosystem, full of the typical drop shaped birds nests, and learn more about this important environment.

Step aboard one of our Axopar vessels at the Baracca and travel to Bazaruto, Paradise or Magaruque Islands. Keep a lookout for one of the 200 dugongs left in the region and learn why they are unique to these waters.

The Wonder of Whales

Experience the magic of whale season on Benguerra Island. From July to October the Mozambique Channel becomes the ideal breeding and nursing ground for humpback whales.

Last year the team observed up to 100 breaching, pectoral fin and tail slapping mother and calves per day, as they thrived in the shallow, protected waters of the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Be guided by the research team at BCSS to find the best vantage points to witness these magnificent mammals on their annual journey.

Water Sports

Explore one of our three house reefs or travel to Margaruque Island or 2 Mile Reef for snorkelling adventures.

Pick up a canoe or paddleboard in front of your Residence and paddle the cove side of Kisawa.

Benguerra Island is known for it’s dramatic high and low tides, however, there are always good swimming spots to be found within the sanctuary.

Life from the Dunes

Evening cocktails and canapés, set with a bespoke bar on the lantern lit Baracca dune.

Walk along the Indian Ocean at dusk, and enjoy sunset cocktails on Benguerra Island’s Red Dune.

Immerse yourself in the nature of Kisawa by camping between dune, forest and shore of one of our Kisawa beaches.

Culture through Nature

Learn the ancestral fishing techniques of the Benguerra Island community.

Hike with the Kisawa nature guide to discover the 150+ local bird species and gazelles of Benguerra Island.

Sail on the Kisawa traditional fishing dhow around our calm cove.

Blue Watching Helicopter Safari

Take off for an incredible expedition where you will witness the rich marine life in the channel of Mozambique from above.

Gazing across the blues of our turquoise Indian Ocean ocean, you will observe spectacular views of the Big Five, including humpback whales (June-Oct), dolphins and dugongs.

Your pilot will work with a member of the BCSS ocean science team, who will serve as a guide for this experience.

Barefoot Living

Lounge the day away in our hand made tents and open air canopy setting and experience a picnic lunch set on the shoreline in front of your Residence.

In honour of the brightness and fullness of the Mozambican moon, guests are invited to choose from a variety of bespoke barbecue menus dining on the sand, under starlight.

Make your own Pizza. Reserve our beloved Pizza Tuk Tuk and make your own speciality slice with our dedicated chef in the comfort of your Residence, or under the stars in our unique beach setting.

Island Life

Kanhi Kwedho, meaning ‘our home’ is made up of three villages: Chirringhome, Bavene and Chizungune, with a combined population of 2013.

Watch or join the field with the Kisawa team in the weekly village football match.

Help us shape the Benguerra Island library by donating any used or unused books or travel guides to the school library.

Slow Living

Learn how to play this traditional Mozambican board game and be taught by the masters in our leisure team

Have your newly found island rhythm documented by our in-house artist, Floyd and sit for a portrait in the comfort of your Residence

Our wellness practitioners will visit your residence for guided meditation or a yoga practice to anchor minds and stretch limbs in complete privacy

Attend a beginners carving workshop with Andre, who is responsible for the beautiful carved wooden statues seen dotted throughout the sanctuary.

Junior Explorers

Pitch one of our custom mini tents and spend a night under the stars nearby your Residence.

Meet Andre and Floyd, our resident artists and craftsmen for painting, hat weaving classes, or animal carving in the convenience of your Residence day area.

Meet the Beach team outside your Residence and learn how to paddleboard and Kayak in the gentle cove bay of Kisawa.

Rock Fishing. Stand on the edge of the beach and cast a line into the sea.

Kite Surfing

Kite surf in some of the best water and wind conditions in the world around the Bazaruoto Archipelago.

Our local kite surfing professionals meet you at Kisawa, before steering you to the best locations for kitesurfing around the Archipelago.

Beginner or advanced lessons available – or partake in a 1-3 day course.