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Craft your ideal day. Pure relaxation, island adventure, or get involved with the people of Benguerra Island and their environment.

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The Kisawa Experience

To experience Kisawa is to experience its environment.

The natural ecosystem is evident in every step of your stay. From sunrise to sunset, your personal beachfront, and the clarity of the stars. Enjoy wilderness from the deck of your bungalow or venture further afield to explore all the Bazaruto archipelago has to offer.

Diving with BCSS

With a WWF national marine park in the beautiful and pristine Bazaruto Archipelago, Kisawa has access to some of the most unique experiences in the world.

Kisawa offers different levels of private and group diving experiences that range from bare skin snorkelling with turtles and reef fish to deep sea diving with black, blue and striped marline, sail fish, yellowfin tuna, bull and tiger sharks and manta rays.


Get Involved

At your leisure

Icon Paddle boarding

SUP outside your room or practice paddle board yoga
Visit Flamingo Beach and see the dunes at high tide

Icon Hiking

Walk in nature to explore our abundant fauna and flora
Climb the red dune for a sunrise breakfast

Icon Wildlife

Spot dugongs and whale sharks from the Kisawa boat
Help tag marlin with BCSS



Cinema Under the Stars

A curated selection of island films will be screened outdoors and under the stars.

Sunset Sailing

Catch the breeze on Kisawa’s purpose built dhow for a trip around the island at sunset or sunrise.

Bazaruto Beach Tour

Visit neighbouring islands and beaches that include:

Flamingo Beach
Bazaruto South Beach
Magaruque Island
Bengue Island
San Sebastián Peninsula


Visit our Gift shop to source daily necessities (sunscreen and bathing suits) and discover Bengurrean made baskets from our weaving workshop.


Join guided snorkelling on the three Kisawa reefs, Magaruque Island, 2-Mile, 5-Mile and 6-Mile Reefs. Our open ocean snorkelling allows for chance encounters with sea turtles and whales.

Sunset at Red Dune

Our in-house dune. Enjoy drinks served by the Kisawa team, overlooking the sanctuary, Benguerra Island and the Indian Ocean.

Beach Soccer

Casual kick-about, or five-a-side games can be organised on the beach.

Crocodile Lake

Take a ramble, or drive up through the island towards Crocodile Lake to discover the elusive family living there for the past 50 years.

Flamingo Beach

Visit Flamingo Beach between November and March to watch these special creatures feed and flock just north of Benguerra Island.

Biking & Running Trails

Explore our 1.5km or 5km trail around the property on foot, or on one of your bungalow’s dedicated bikes. Or simply hit the sand for a 4km run across the entire beachfront.


Help us maintain the existing vegetation and take part in our active permaculture practices, employed across the sanctuary and at BCSS.

Dugong & Dolphin Spotting

Catch the Kisawa boat to Bazaruto Island and observe one of the 200 dugongs left in the area. Learn about this special creature and their local habitat.

Or spot one of our three resident dolphins: common dolphin, spinner dolphin and humpback dolphin.

Pizza Truck

Call for fresh thin crust Italian pizzas from our mobile pizza truck specially commissioned to be at Kisawa.